Does Rugby 24 support Couch & Online Co-op | VS Multiplayer | Cross Play | Cross Save?

Rugby 22 was a relative success, in comparison to the older versions of the series. It was not very amazing but certainly an upgraded version of the series. Therefore, fans have been hoping to play something awesome.

Rugby 24 is set to be released on 30 January 2024, which unluckily means that users won’t be able to play as their favourite teams till well past this year’s World Cup. The creators want to make the top simulation & the best possible full game.

Does Rugby 24 support Multiplayer?
Does Rugby 24 support Multiplayer?
Image Credit: Big Ant Studios

Does Rugby 24 support Co-op / VS Multiplayer?

Rugby 24 offers the top championships, a full career, and diverse multiplayer modes. Couch & Online VS Multiplayer were available in Rugby 22. I believe that Rugby 24 will also support Couch and Online VS Multiplayer.

Co-op was ruled out of Rugby 22. Until now, nothing has been disclosed about Co-op. I just know that Rugby 24 offers different VS multiplayer modes that let users take on their friends.


Does Rugby 24 support Cross Platform Multiplayer / Cross Save?

Rugby 22 did not offer Cross Platform Multiplayer & Cross Save. Rugby 24 will launch on multiple platforms this month but until now, no news has been confirmed about the availability of Cross Play & Cross Save. If Rugby 24 adds Cross Play, then it will increase the fan base. As recent sports games offer Cross Play support, I believe that big studios like Big Ant will definitely think about it.


Rugby 24 Features:

An exhilarating sports game that provides a real & immersive experience of rugby. Rugby 24 offers the chance to contribute in exciting matches, where players need to show their abilities & tactical skill on the rugby field.

In this game, users need to decide from a long range of national & international squads, such as famous rugby teams: NZ, AUS, SA, ENG, etc. Every squad is rebuilt, offering realistic player rosters, kits & stadiums that greatly improve the practicality of the game.

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