Is Synergy Couch and Online Co-op – Multiplayer – Cross Play Game?

A city builder strategy game that allows players to make metropolises in an unfriendly world. In this game, we collect raw materials, build & lay tracks, & arrange adventure that offer precious info. about the world of this game.

Is Synergy a Couch Co-op Game?
Is Synergy a Couch Co-op Game?
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Is Synergy a Local Co-op Game?

No, Synergy does not support Local Co-op.


Is Synergy an Online Co-op Game?

No, Synergy does not offer Online Co-op.


Is Synergy a Local PVP Multiplayer Game?

No, Synergy does not support Local PVP Multiplayer.


Is Synergy an Online PVP Multiplayer Game?

No, Synergy does not provide Online PVP Multiplayer.


Is Synergy a Cross Platform Play Game?

No, Synergy does not support Cross Platform Play.


Is Synergy a Cross Progression Game?

No, Synergy does not support Cross Progression.


Synergy Description:

This game takes players on an adventure to an alien world, where humankind is attempting to setup a permanent bridgehead. The objective of users is to make metropolis & offer good living environment for its people. Things get difficult due to an unfavourable surrounding & harsh weather condition.

In this game, the action is seen from an isometric view. Players do everything connected to building the metropolis & its expansion. By building different structures & laying roads, along with arranging adventures, players need to frequently monitor on the raw materials that are scarce. As well as, players need to have an eye on the morale of people, whose happiness matters the most. All of these tasks are sometimes difficult because of harsh weather & different natural calamities, which players must overcome. Players can explore the mysteries of the world by sending inhabitants on quests. Therefore, they can better select the direction in which their metropolis will evolve.

Synergy features wide-ranging scenarios that force players to confront different challenges.


Summary: Synergy Core Multiplayer Modes:

  • Offline Co-op: Not available
  • Online Co-op: Not available
  • LAN Co-op: Not available
  • Offline VS Multiplayer: Not available
  • Online VS Multiplayer: Not available
  • LAN VS Multiplayer: Not available
  • Cross Platform Multiplayer: Not available


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