Why WWE 2K24 is better than WWE 2K23: Gameplay Improvements of WWE 2K24 VS WWE 2K23:

WWE 2K24 is one of the highly anticipated wrestling video games slated to launch on 8 March 2024 on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch & PC. I have seen fans asking questions on Reddit & other social media like Whether WWE 2K24 is a must buy game or has slightly improved from WWE 2K23? In this article, I have summarised every important feature announced so far so please read this article till the end.

WWE 2K24 Official Gameplay Trailer

Big Gameplay Improvements of WWE 2K24 VS WWE 2K23:

WWE 2K24 is a better version of WWE 2K23. Important features of WWE 2K24 are added here that prove that WWE 2K24 is a game you should consider buying.


Like earlier games of the series, new superstars are added to the WWE 2K24 roster. More than 200 wrestlers are available, which makes it the biggest roster.

Gameplay Enhancements of WWE 2K23 VS WWE 2K24:

6 paybacks have been introduced to the gameplay along with super finishers. You can execute a super finisher after storing 3 finishers. 5 finishers can be stored instead of 3.

A new amazing enhancement is when you dive at several opponents, the dive will now connect to multiple rivals instead of only one of your rivals.

90 % of the facial expressions have been improved that offer an extra realistic appearance to superstars.

Creation Suite:

So far, a new Create A Referee has been announced. As well as Create A Sign has returned to WWE 2K24.


New Weapons & Throwables:

New weapons are available in WWE 2K23 & you are able to throw them at opponents. WWE 2K24 has added a mic, a trash can & a guitar. All objects can be thrown at the opponent, & it can be reversed & caught by the rival as well.


Backstage Enhancements:

WWE 2K24 offers backstage enhancements. We already said that players can throw weapons, however they can also throw soda from a vending machine that can be discovered backstage. You can move b/w backstage areas using an elevator. Backstage brawls have increased from two to four players.


Real Life Referees:

Real life referees are available in WWE 2K24. According to the publisher, seven real life WWE referees are added to the game. The generic referees are also included.


New Cameras:

New cameras are available & the camera can be moved during live gameplay. It means that you can get the old royal rumble camera facing the stage back. 2K has also upgraded the dive & ramp camera.


Wrestlemania 40 Arena:

For the first time, Wrestlemania 40 Arena is added to WWE 2K24. It won’t be available at launch & will be added to the game as a post launch update.


New Match Types:

The visuals of WWE 2K24 are a little improved as compared to WWE 2K23. 4 New Match types are available in WWE 2K24: Ambulance Match, Gauntlet Match, Casket Match, & Special Guest Referee are now back.


Improved Game Modes:

  • Forty Years of Wrestlemania returns with 21 matches to be played.
  • My Rise provides two choices: Unleashed & Undisputed.
  • Universe mode provides multiple new cutscenes.
  • My GM mode allows Superstars to gain XP. Wrestlers from your roster can be traded against wrestlers from the other roster. And it will have many little enhancements.
  • The best update is that My Faction is available in the game.

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