Does Concord have Local and Online PVP Multiplayer – Cross Play – Cross Save?

Concord is set in the vast cosmos. During gameplay, players will control comrades from the Northstar army called Freegunners, who will traverse across the cosmos & battle against enemies for plunder & prize.

Does Concord have PVP Multiplayer?
Does Concord have PVP Multiplayer?
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Does Concord have a Couch Co-op?

No, Concord does not have a Couch Co-op.


Does Concord have an Online Co-op?

No, Concord does not have an Online Co-op.


Does Concord have a Couch PVP Multiplayer?

No, Concord does not have a Couch PVP Multiplayer.


Does Concord have an Online PVP Multiplayer?

Yes, Online PVP Multiplayer is available in Concord. It is a competitive shooter focused on fights between 5 VS 5 players via 16 diverse characters, and 12 maps.


Does Concord have Cross Platform Multiplayer & Cross Progression?

Yes, Concord supports seamless Cross Platform Multiplayer & Cross Progression b/w PS5 & PC. Users have an advantage of creating a squad with their buddies, & share their progress & unlocked items, & use PS features like trophies & PS friends list, no matter what platform they play on.


Main Multiplayer Modes of Concord:

  • Couch Co-op: Not available
  • Online Co-op: Not available
  • Couch PVP Multiplayer: Not available
  • Online PVP Multiplayer: Available
  • Cross Platform Play: Available
  • Cross Platform Save: Available


Concord Gameplay:

During gameplay, players will see cutscenes that let them know more about every hero, along with understanding the universe.

Concord provides a variety of fighters, who have diverse weaponries & abilities. Players will be presented with gunslingers or snipers, along with highly sophisticated wizards with magical prowess or destroyable machines to cause disaster in the arena.

The in-game action can be watched from a First Person View. This game is focused on battles that allow players to engage on different maps, attempting to accomplish objectives set before them & stop their enemies from getting them.

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