Hotline Miami Collection is available on Nintendo Switch:

New games are available on Nintendo Switch which enhances its games library. A collection of Hotline Miami is released on 19 August 2019 & it includes Hotline Miami & Hotline Miami 2. Hotline Miami collection was launched on PC & PS4 before but for the first time Hotline Miami & its sequel makes its way to Nintendo Switch. One more indie game Superhot is also available on Nintendo.

Hotline Miami is published by Devolver Digital & developed by Dennaton Games & it is praised for its gameplay. Your character is weak, & he can fight using weapons & objects spread in the environment.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is praised too. Hotline Miami 2 is improved in a number of ways. The game offers better graphics & gameplay. It includes a new hard mode, which can be unlocked after you end this game once. In hard mode, you won’t have certain skills & it will be very difficult to beat opponents. The game will no longer have enemy locking ability in hard mode.

Hotline Miami Collection Key Features:

  • TITLE: Hotline Miami Collection
  • GENRE: Action, & Indie
  • DEVELOPER: Dennaton Games
  • PUBLISHER: Devolver Digital

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