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No plans of Celeste sequel, developer said

No plans of Celeste sequel, developer Matt Thorson said:

Celeste developer Matt Thorson shows no interest in developing a sequel of Celeste which is an acclaimed platformer, & they released final DLC of the game & now no more stuff related to Celeste will come out until Matt change his plans & make a sequel.

Matt talked about their future plans in an email to IGN, & he said that developers are interested to make a new game instead of working on Celeste sequel but may be they change their minds in future.

Celeste Screenshot
Celeste Screenshot

Thorson said that Chapter 9: Farewell is the final content update for Celeste & it is available for free on all platforms. It includes hundred new levels, & the complete no. of game levels is more than eight hundred now. The DLC has its own story.

Matt does not want fans to expect that such heavy DLC will be available for free in the future. Matt made it clear to fans that they are in a very fortunate position that’s why they are giving away this DLC for free.

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