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Last Year will release on Steam this month

Last Year: Chapter 1 – Afterdark will launch on Steam this month:

On 10 December 2019, Last Year will launch on Steam as Last Year: Chapter 1 – Afterdark. This update adds a new spider monster that you can choose to play.

The game allows 5 students to fight a creature while they move through a stage, find upgrades, & finish tasks.

In this game the creature can’t be seen, it can spy on students, set traps, knock stuff around for distraction, scare the students & bite them.

Last Year: Chapter 1 – Afterdark Screenshot
Last Year: Chapter 1 – Afterdark Screenshot

Make a squad with 5 friends to endure against an enemy player who has chosen the spider, in this multiplayer horror game.

6 classmates are in the final year of high school & it could be their final year of life as well. They are being teleported to a terrifying version of their hometown through an occult game of cards, 6 friends soon discover that they are not alone, & in order to flee, they will need to work together to fight the monster.

Select 1 from 6 human characters, & assign them a class to receive special abilities. The better you work with your friends, the more are the chances that you will survive. And if you survive more then you will unlock powerful magical skills.

While playing as monster it is your choice to attack the students head-on, or set traps like spider web.

Last Year will receive free content updates “Chapters”, frightening Villains & even more terrible regions.

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