Ministry of Broadcast Review, Story, Gameplay, & More:

Ministry of Broadcast review is based on quality content. All I like about Ministry of Broadcast gameplay is highlighted. Its story is presented & main characters are explained.

It is a story about dangerous walk over a wall which has divided the town in two parts and if you want to visit your family and achieve liberty, you have to climb over the wall.

Our protagonist desired to become a competitor in the race while facing threats of grave danger with intention to find liberty. To accomplish your objective, you must guide the protagonist to overcome dangerous terrains including numerous difficult situations and dangerous obstacles.

Ministry of Broadcast Review

Ministry of Broadcast Gameplay:

Ministry of Broadcast is a platform game in which quick run-&-jump is required along with ensuring not to fall from heights. Player has to deal with range of dangerous environments & obstacles such as leg-shattering drops (are you afraid of heights?), flaming barrels of garbage, inconvenient pits, hanging steel beams & many other types of obstacles awaits you.

Cinematic platformer:

Run, jump, crash, & climb. You have to master such skills in order to progress through the course of the game. Without such skills, the game can be quite difficult.  

Ministry of Broadcast Gameplay
Ministry of Broadcast Gameplay
(Image Credit: PLAYISM)

Environmental HUD:

The game screen features HP bars, & mini maps. Hints & clues lie in the game’s art. Player needs sharp reflexes to survive each Arena.

Puzzle solving:

Use player’s skills & abilities to progress through the Arenas. Player has to interact with the surrounding environment in order to solve complex puzzles: use player’s momentum in order to move platforms, flip the occasional lever, & cross a pit.

Ministry of Broadcast Key Features:

  • GENRE: Adventure, Indie
  • DEVELOPER: Ministry of Broadcast Studios
  • RELEASE DATE: 30 January, 2020
  • PLATFORMS: PC Windows, Mac, Nintendo Switch & PS4

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