Comparison between NASCAR Heat 5 & NASCAR Heat 4 regarding graphics, gameplay, controls, camera, career mode, & more:

NASCAR Heat 5 is based on the concept of NASCAR Heat 4 with improvements & new features. New developers are working on this game but NASCAR Heat 5 isn’t a scratch built game as it grabs features from previous games in the series too.

NASCAR Heat 5 is developed by 704Games & published by Motorsport Games.

NASCAR Heat 5 - It is throwing challenge to any one aspires to win the 2020 trophy.

Comparison between NASCAR Heat 5 & Heat 4

You are encouraged to drive these unbelievable competing engines and task you to win the 2020 NASCAR trophy.

There is a saying that winning NASCAR Heat 5 award means you have utmost determination to decline defeat.

Initially Heat 5 was blamed for concentrating on small variations instead of solving the important problems faced by the previous series.

NASCAR Heat 5 Career Mode
NASCAR Heat 5 Career Mode
(Image Credit: Motorsport Games)

Career Mode is essential and will be kept under focus for further improvement.

Motorsport Games is attentive to public demands and offering excellent racing experiences.

The concept of imaginary track in Heat 5 has been deleted.

Many developments strategies have been incorporated in NASCAR Heat 4. The emphasis is always focused on moving forward and working hard to implement novel ideas and enhanced features to comply with the community aspirations.

The game developers are considering all aspects of the game and striving to make the best NASCAR game possible.

It is now evident that the NASCAR Heat franchise is undergoing serious modifications which might affect this year’s game.

NASCAR Heat 5 Multiplayer Mode
NASCAR Heat 5 Multiplayer Mode
(Image Credit: Motorsport Games)

The new game in the series would launch in fall but launch date of Heat 5 has been moved to July. There are multiple series career mode (trucks, dirt, Xfinity cars, & the cup cars) & split-screen multiplayer mode is available for local / online play.

NASCAR Heat 5 Customization
NASCAR Heat 5 Customization
(Image Credit: Motorsport Games)

Customization is available in the form of enhanced paint booth choices for example you can color spoilers & rims, & you are allowed to make your own tracks.

NASCAR Heat 5 is confirmed to release on 10 July 2020 on PS4, Xbox One & PC. 


Gameplay: NASCAR Heat 5 VS Heat 4
(Image Credit: Motorsport Games)

The gameplay is the same as NASCAR Heat 4 except the addition of singleplayer track testing approach feature in NASCAR Heat 5. In this mode, gamer can test race car setup & create the suitable adjustments for various tracks in order to find the best car setup for each & every racetrack. This feature helps gamer on any racetrack.


Graphics: NASCAR Heat 5 VS Heat 4
Graphics: NASCAR Heat 5 VS Heat 4
(Image Credit: Motorsport Games)

What gamers around the world can appreciate about NASCAR Heat 4 & NASCAR Heat 5 is that both games are easy on the eyes & ears. They look as real as an actual broadcast.  


Both NASCAR Heat 4 & NASCAR Heat 5 have got fantastic motor sound that is good on the ears & feels very real on the ears too.


The controls of both games are quite simple & gamers can quickly adapt it. If someone played NASCAR Heat 4 then playing NASCAR Heat 5 won’t be difficult for him / her.  


Nascar Heat 5 made remarkable enhancements to camera angles & offer gamers around the world more camera options compared to NASCAR Heat 4. Therefore, in NASCAR Heat 5, gamers have more freedom to set the camera that feels more comfortable.

Watch NASCAR Heat 5 teaser trailer below:

NASCAR Heat 5 Teaser Trailer

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