Inertial Drift Changes, additional features, and multiplayer mode:

Inertial Drift is a twin stick drifting game. The game provides twin controls for one car for better controlling. More accuracy is needed for drifting vehicles because a little mistake can bump your car into surroundings especially in turns because your objective is to save your vehicle & score more points for achieving perfect drifting. However, Inertial Drift can offer precise & simple drifting with just twin stick controls. One stick is used for controlling vehicle movement while another is used for drifting car.

Every driver & their vehicle in this game have a distinctive driving style. Choose the best technique & play this game for hours in order to become expert.

20 tracks across beautiful neon cities can make every chase very interesting. Facing off a rival can make things intense.

Inertial Drift is an ‘Arcade Racer’ with overwhelmingly distinctive control mechanism and incredibly satisfying ‘twinstick’ control mechanism. It creates a new level of convenience and challenge players to the ‘arcade racing’ category thus you can enjoy a thrilling, stimulating and unique driving experience.

Inertial Drift Review
Inertial Drift Review
(Image Credit: PQube)

‘Inertial Drift’ is a unique game with pioneering ‘twinstick’ controlling mechanism, entirely imaginative driving mechanism and a list of ferociously distinctive vehicles.

Experience the stimulating control of right-hand-stick which entirely controls your ‘drift’. The game is simple for fresh competitors and exceptionally challenging for experts.

The state-of-the-art mechanism ‘DriftStick’ allows you to control the back-end-drift with the right-hand-stick. It feels superb adding a unique characteristic to drifting.

There are 16 unique and distinctive vehicles available each with completely different features.

Inertial Drift Review
Inertial Drift Review
(Image Credit: PQube)

Experience 16 vehicles with distinctive characteristics and plenty of tracks to achieve thrilling control. With continuous training you can improve your performance to such a level that makes you an integral part with the car and the track.

Learn your skill in the ‘career mode’ and also local-multiplayer-mode to prove your competitive spirit and command over the track.

Experience racers from the 90’s era and the modern racing, ‘Inertial Drift’ connects the old conventional racing with the new.

Inertial Drift Gameplay
Inertial Drift Gameplay
(Image Credit: PQube)

Enjoy racing on 20 tracks including exciting and zigzagging mountainous routes.

If you like the drift racing, then it is time to beat your friends in local multiplayer mode.

Inertial Drive is a little different from other racing games & it has some additional features too. The game has seen changes and improvements in some features, and you can also enjoy a very good multiplayer mode that can been played locally via split-screen or with friends in co-op multiplayer mode.

Inertial Drift Key Features:

  • Genre: Indie, Racing
  • Developer: Level 91 Entertainment
  • Publisher: PQube Limited
  • Franchise: PQube
  • Release Date: 7 August, 2020
  • Platforms: PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One & PC Windows

Inertial Drift Reveal Trailer:

Watch Inertial Drift reveal trailer.

Inertial Drift Reveal Trailer

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