Embracelet Improvements, New Features, Couch Split-screen and Internet (Online) Co-op Multiplayer Mode:

Embracelet is entirely developed by a single person who also created an award winning adventurous title Milkmaid of the Milky Way.

Embracelet Story
Embracelet Story
Image Credit: machineboy

Embracelet falls into adventure category. The game is set in Northern Norway, & you will control a little boy. The story of the game revolves around friendship & family. You will receive a magical bracelet in Embracelet that has supreme powers. You can use this bracelet to solve a number of puzzles.

Embracelet Gameplay:

This game has a unique narrative based on love, loss, friendship & family. Embracelet features discovery, puzzles, & a novel narrative set in a beautiful environment.

Embracelet Gameplay
Embracelet Gameplay
Image Credit: machineboy

You will control Jesper in this game, who is a Norwegian young boy living with his mother in the city. He receives a mysterious bracelet from his grandfather. It possesses strange powers & you can use it to save yourself in dangerous environment.

You must reveal the mystery behind this bracelet. Find out the origin of this bracelet. Also unravel the mystery behind your family.

Embracelet Features:

Embracelet Improvements, Couch and Online Co-op Multiplayer
Embracelet Improvements, Couch and Online Co-op Multiplayer
Image Credit: machineboy

  • Discover a stunning yet mysterious isle
  • Crack puzzles using the power of bracelet
  • Befriend others & make decisions that can help progress the narrative
  • The difficulty of this game is easy. Narrative of the game is immersive & its soundtrack is wonderful. Anybody looking for novel, heartwarming game must try Embracelet.
  • Embracelet offers 3 to 6 hours of adventure & the game features multiple endings based on your choices.
  • Experience best gameplay by using a controller.

Embracelet Key Features:

  • Genre: Adventure, Indie
  • Developer: Mattis Folkestad
  • Publisher: machineboy
  • Release Date: September 2020
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch & PC Windows

Embracelet Reveal Trailer:

Watch Embracelet reveal trailer.

Embracelet Reveal Trailer

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