Total War Rome Remastered Cross Platform Play, Cross Save & Multiplayer Co-op:

Revive the legacy that made the original game very popular. Total War Rome Remastered builds the original game in 4K with many enhancements to graphics & offers refined gameplay mechanics. It is your only opportunity to defeat the Roman Empire so don’t waste a second. Grab a copy of the game when it launches on 29 April, 2021 on PC, MacOS & Linux.


Total War Rome Remastered Graphical Improvements:

  • Support for ultra-HD resolution
  • Enhanced 3D characters bodies & textures
  • Support for modern monitors that offers widescreen & ultrawide screen display
  • Updated arena environments
  • Updated map of campaign
  • Enhanced graphical effects
  • Updated camera & gameplay controls


Total War Rome Remastered Gameplay Improvements:

  • Sixteen extra playable parties are available (total number of parties are thirty-eight)
  • Cross Play Multiplayer is supported
  • New agent is available
  • New summary screen is included
  • Offers enhanced diplomacy

Total War Rome Remastered Cross Play Multiplayer Co-op
Total War Rome Remastered Cross Play Multiplayer Co-op
Image Credit: SEGA

Cross Platform Play in Total War Rome Remastered:

Cross platform play allows users of different platforms to play a game together. If a game offers this feature then it allows users of all supported platforms to enjoy the multiplayer mode together such as users of PC can play with users of PlayStation & Xbox.

Total War Rome Remastered offers cross platform play between PC, MacOS & Linux.

Total War Rome Remastered Cross Save
Total War Rome Remastered Cross Save
Image Credit: SEGA

Cross Save in Total War Rome Remastered:

Cross Save allows users to play a game on one platform & continue the progress on another platform. Cross Save creates the game save on a remote server so players using different hardware will be able to access it. For example, players can start a game on PC & then continue it from where they have left off on Xbox or PlayStation.

Unfortunately, the Cross Save feature is not available in Total War Rome Remastered.


Total War Rome Remastered Multiplayer Co-op:

Players can play the story campaign together if a game offers multiplayer co-op.

Unfortunately, Total War Rome Remastered only provides a single player story campaign. Multiplayer co-op is not available in this game.


A Quick Summary of Total War Rome Remastered:

Total War Rome Remastered lets you increase your militaries & 16 new parties are available that were locked in the original, so you have 38 playable parties now. Enjoy cross platform play between PC platforms. Users of Windows can play Total War Rome Remastered with users of Mac & Linux.

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