Can I play Local / Couch Co-op, & VS Multiplayer in Microsoft Flight Simulator?

You can enjoy flying from light aircrafts to wide body jets, & experience the flight of very detailed & precise planes. This game will let you test your piloting skills at night, & experience the real atmospheric simulation, & enjoy flying through live weather in a real dynamic game world.

Enjoy 20 very detailed aircrafts with different flight models & 30 hand-made airports.

Enjoy live traffic, real-time weather conditions & wildlife.

Turn on the live weather mode that will let you enjoy live weather such as precise wind speed & direction, as well as temperature, humidity, rain etc.




Local / Couch Co-op


Online Co-op


Local / Couch PVP Multiplayer


Online PVP Multiplayer



Microsoft Flight Simulator Local Co-op:

Local co-op is best experienced with family members. Enjoy the gameplay with the support of your home mates on the same screen using a separate controller. Local co-op is commonly known as couch / offline co-op.

Sadly, local co-op is not featured in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Co-op Multiplayer
Microsoft Flight Simulator Local / Couch Co-op Multiplayer
Image Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft Flight Simulator Online Co-op:

Online co-op allows you to enjoy the gameplay with mates that might be complete strangers. Also, you can invite your buddies to join gameplay & help you during gameplay via the internet.

Fortunately, online co-op multiplayer is available in Microsoft Flight Simulator.


Microsoft Flight Simulator Local VS Multiplayer:

Local VS multiplayer mode is best enjoyed with home mates. Have a little fight with your family members & enjoy playing the game together on the same TV. Another name of VS is PVP. PVP stands for player vs player. It allows players to play as either player vs player, or team vs team.

However, there is no local VS multiplayer mode in Microsoft Flight Simulator.


Microsoft Flight Simulator Online VS Multiplayer:

Online VS multiplayer mode lets you play the versus mode with anyone who is connected via the internet. There is an option to play only against your friends.

However, online VS multiplayer is missing from Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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