Comparison and differences of King’s Bounty II vs Original King’s Bounty:

The sequel to popular King’s Bounty releases in 2021 which has a new story & its gameplay uses top down turn-based combat to provide you a fully immersive experience in the world of role-playing games, that offer more weight to every choice of players, whether you are leading military into combat against undead army, or develop good relations with local people. King’s Bounty 2 offers a rich world that combines truth & fantasy, & it consists of compelling narratives, notable game characters & many moral decisions that can be made during gameplay.

Start the sequel as 1 of 3 playable characters. Each character has its own narrative. The gameplay experience is non-linear, & it is set in an open world across a highly detailed & densely packed fantasy setting. The game is divided into 2 different phases, you can navigate the lands from a 3rd person view, completing missions, discovering the wilderness, & meeting local townsfolk & knowing their stories. When you are involved in battle, the camera shifts from third person to bird’s eye view, & every combat is featured as turn based. You need to use the soldiers smartly as you try to achieve glory in the battlefield.

Comparison of King’s Bounty 2 vs Original King’s Bounty
Comparison of King’s Bounty 2 vs Original King’s Bounty
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King’s Bounty 2 is set in the big lands of Antara, where a big danger has just risen. The realm is in chaos because of an evil blight. People who survived are taking refuge in the empire of Nostria, but they have scarce resources & food. Blight monsters were once living beings. They are traversing the land, spreading chaos & destroying the realm. The realm itself is battling for endurance, & your choices are more crucial than King’s Bounty. It is up to you to decide the future of Antara.

The narrative of King’s Bounty II is more cinematic & immersive. The choices made during the game are in your hands rather than your mouth. You are constantly involved in moral decisions that affect the story & kingdom. The game puts more weight in action rather than dialogues.

The land gives players edge during battle. You must look into surrounding environment before involving yourself in battle, to reduce potential dangers or try to get the upper hand in battle.

King’s Bounty 2 is no longer focused on flat landscape like King’s Bounty. You will face realistic areas, & volumetric combat zones are now very important for battle in the sequel. There is high tactical diversity in the sequel, all types of obstacles & features can be faced on the battle maps, such as ravines, hills, wagons etc. You will face tactical pros & cons for every combat.

Enjoy freedom when choosing hero. There are 3 characters to decide from, each of them has a different narrative. Upon discovering the terrain, their narrative alters as they align themselves with diverse traits involving Strength, Art, Anarchy & Order. Not only these decisions effect how non-playable characters react to them, but they affect the world too.

Every team contains fully new units, each of them have their own abilities & look. You can make militaries of humans, trolls, elves & other monsters who love to battle together, & their bond is long lasting.

The sequel is taking new measures as compared to King’s Bounty regarding tactical features. New tactical features are available in the sequel including line of sight, for a more immersive, & richer battle experience. There are more tactical surprises waiting for you in the mid of battle.

King’s Bounty 2 features a big fantasy world that highly blends fan favorite genre tropes with a gritty realism to ensure gamers remain stuck in this realm wide skirmish.

King’s Bounty 2 has a number of revised features from previous game. The sequel lets you traverse the map, make military, face enemies, & discover magic objects & spells. Now things are changing from a fantasy setting to realistic setting.

King Bounty is famous for combats, making military & discovering the game world. Discover units to include in your team, face other units, & find plunders. Things are not that complex but the real challenge is to balance the area, featuring fresh groups, & facing enemies that are neither very hard or simple.

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