DJMAX Respect V Review / Gameplay:

DJMAX Respect V is the newest game in the DJMAX series. It offers a rhythm game experience, & it contains new modes, new artists, over 150 new tracks, music videos, & an online mode is also available.

DJMAX Respect V Review

The game allows you to play a freeplay session, or beat your buddy’s high score. Air mode of the game will let you enjoy a nonstop, random playlist, during which you can select to play or just hear. New online modes will put your talent to the test, which will pair you against other players around the globe.

DJMAX Respect V Gameplay:

The game lets you use both keyboard & complete controller support.

DJMAX Respect V includes a hundred tracks. More tracks will be available in the DLC packs.

The game provides multiple gameplay variants. There is a standard arcade mode, in which you can choose songs from the list, the game provides a campaign that contains a number of quests that include different types of limitations & difficulties. A multiplayer mode is also available that supports one versus one fights, both online & locally on one console.

DJMAX Respect V uses a vertical board which is divided into multiple songs where colorful bricks show & move down towards the bottom. Each song has an input button on the gamepad which you need to press when a brick is in the corresponding field. Apart from a standard arcade mode, in which you can choose tracks from the list, Respect V provides a campaign that includes a no. of quests that contain different types of limitations & difficulties. The game lets you compete one versus one, with both players online on individual consoles or both players locally on one console.

DJMAX Respect V Specifications:

  • Genre: Action, Casual, Sports, Early Access
  • Developer: NEOWIZ
  • Publisher: NEOWIZ
  • Release Date: 12 March, 2020
  • Platform: PC Windows


  1. tracks are very good

    1. Hi Jenny!
      Yes this game has awesome music. Thank you for your comment 😃


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