A Street Cat’s Tale Review / Story / Gameplay:

It is a story of a kitten whose mom has passed away. A Street Cat’s Tale is available on PC & mobile, & it is making its way to Nintendo Switch.

It is your responsibility to help this lonely kitten who has lost its parents & take care of it until it gets old enough to look after itself.
A Street Cat's Tale Review

The story has also several autonomous characters with their distinctive temperaments. They are inclined to feed you if you are attentive to their needs. These characters might display numerous unexpected conclusions.

A Street Cat’s Tale Story:

A Street Cat's Tale Story
A Street Cat's Tale Story
(Image Credit: feemodev)

It is a tale of the survival of little kitten on the street after the departure of its Mama. The little kitty is always starving, so you need to search the city to find food.

A Street Cat’s Tale Gameplay:

Consider the situation. Will it search for food in the street trash, or it is possible that some good hearted person feed it.

Think about the baby kitten: Will it remain on the street or someone takes it home.

You have the power & ability to decide the fate of this kitten.

A Street Cat's Tale Gameplay
A Street Cat's Tale Gameplay
(Image Credit: feemodev)

You will interact with all types of people in the city, some of them will agree to help you. Also they are busy in their own lives & they have their own problems & some of them might need your help as well so it is good to help the needy.

You will watch different endings based on how you progressed through the gameplay. You need to raise this little kitty because its future is in your hands.

A Street Cat's Tale Key Features:

  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, PC Windows & Mac
  • Release Date: 12 March 2020
  • No. of Players: 1 player
  • Category: Adventure, RPG, Simulation & Strategy
  • Developer: feemodev
  • Publisher: feemodev

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