Space Engineers Cross Save, Cross Play, Cross Platform, Local / Online Multiplayer Mode:

A creative open world, exploration, sandbox game. This game pertains to scientific production of engineering equipment, assembling, & finding out approaches to facilitate the human survival in the infinite universe.

Your role is defined as an engineer responsible for the construction of space ships & stations, maintenance/ repairs & collection of essential materials to ensure furtherance of newly created settlements in the outer space.

Space Engineers Review

The game is offering immense freedom of action and numerous attractive fascinations regarding construction of buildings, gigantic space platforms & survival methodologies in the universe.

I am a space lover & I like anything that takes me to space. In this game you can design a propulsion system that would let you achieve the escape velocity to leave the planet boundaries. It was not easy building my first propulsion system & I took help from internet in order to do it. Now it seems easy to build my own space vehicle.

Space Engineers Review
Space Engineers Review
(Image Credit: Keen Software House)

Space Engineers merges survival & building amazingly while the game focuses on the exploration aspect too. Building is not a difficult aspect of Space Engineers because whatever you need is located in a short range. The difficulty comes when you are defending your base & ship from enemy attacks or conquering other players’ bases or spacecraft.


Space Engineers is aesthetically appealing & I like the things I build. When it comes to designing your own spacecraft & base, there are multiple options to customize things according to your choice. The territories you explore are highly detailed. I think there is nothing which looks unfinished & the game is polished overall.


You can hear realistic sound effects of tools when you are crafting something. Apart from crafting, I really like the sound effects of war machines.

Space Engineers Plot:

Enjoy engineering, construction, & survival in outer space & on worlds. Players can construct space ships, vehicles, outposts on other worlds. They can discover other worlds & collect needed resources in order to survive on alien planets. They have to use engineering skills in order to construct war machines & use fortifications to survive on other worlds & in outer space.

Space Engineers Plot
Space Engineers Plot
(Image Credit: Keen Software House)

Space Engineers Gameplay:

The game includes creative mode as well as survival mode. The game also includes multiplayer game play along with solo play.

Players can build countless structures by using & finding resources. They can assemble, disassemble, damage & destroy different kinds of structures.

Space Engineers Modes:

In the Creative mode, use precious engineering skills by making use of available resources, construct structures & there is no death situation.

In the Survival mode, use management skills, use resources properly & focus on inventory capacity; construct building manually & death scenario exists in this mode.

Space Engineers Gameplay
Space Engineers Gameplay
(Image Credit: Keen Software House)

Space Engineers Features:

  • Discover a variety of planets & moons. Players can unleash destruction on other worlds. They can also enjoy other planet’s atmosphere & climates.
  • The game offers first-person & third-person experience.
  • Players can play the game in a single-player solo mode in which there is the only space engineer.
  • Players can also enjoy multiplayer Creative & Survival game modes in which they can play with family & friends in a Co-op setting or competitive setting. The game supports up to 16 players.
  • Players can construct custom planets; construct space stations, bases on other worlds & even build cities.
  • They can discover other planets & you can conquer other planets as well. 
  • In the survival mode players have to build manually such as using a welder to assemble; using grinder to disassemble structures & reuse resources from the disassembled structures.

In this article I have added various features of Space Engineers. You can use cross play, cross save & cross platform to play this game with mates on same or different platforms. There is a shear amount of options available when it comes to multiplayer & also enjoy local or online co-op multiplayer mode to fully enjoy every feature of this game.

Space Engineers Key Features:

  • Genre: Action, Indie, Simulation, Strategy
  • Developer: Keen Software House
  • Publisher: Keen Software House
  • Release Date (PC): Available
  • Release Date (Xbox One): 11 April 2020

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