MotoGP 21 Enhancements, New Features, Cross Play, Cross Save & Cross Platform Multiplayer Mode:

MotoGP 20 Review

Get ready for another installment in the Moto GP series. The game features enhanced graphics & improved gameplay using new mechanics.


The closer to life features are assembled in MotoGP 20 such as asymmetrical tires’ consumption, & aerodynamic damages that have a negative impact on the motorcycle’s appearance & performance.

MotoGP 20 Review
MotoGP 20 Review
(Image Credit: Milestone srl)


MotoGP 19 made a huge business & now the sequel looks promising too. It has a full packed career mode & now you can manage your Entourage, make choices that can help you win on the road. A historic mode is available that can let you gather the historic riders & motorcycles. The game features quicker & more human like AI. Editors are available that can help you customize your rider & bike.


Natural sound of the ride is satisfying. Noise of bike acceleration & overtaking is amazing.

MotoGP 20 offers improved commentary.


Get connected with the real riders or make a fresh squad. Now you are allowed to maintain every feature of the career. The new installment does not only take into account track & velocity because there is a lot going inside your bike for example tire suspension, consumption of fuel, & more. Players can decide the best strategy & need to have complete control over their bike if they want to succeed.


A multiplayer mode is available to prove your mettle. You need to go beyond your limits if you want to win against expert players. Remember a single fall can ruin the entire match.

MotoGP 21 Gameplay:

Enjoy the ultimate Managerial Career mode along with upgraded gameplay & visuals. You can choose to customize various features of your bike & suit. Play against Moto GP historic racers or invite your buddies to race against you.

MotoGP 20 Gameplay
MotoGP 20 Gameplay
(Image Credit: Milestone srl)

Managerial Career Mode:

Take part in the 2020 season squad & enter match with the real sportsmen or race with a fresh squad.

Bike Development:

Enhance your vehicle's performance during particular career tests by making technical changes such as engine brake mechanics, anti-wheelie system, bike engine, aerodynamics & more.

Graphics & Technical Improvements:

Moto GP 20 made significant graphical enhancements such as sky, settings, weather, & now your motorcycle will receive damage too. You can check your motorcycle’s tire wear & brakes. The 3D models of the riders are unique as compared to previous games in the series.

MotoGP 20 Features
MotoGP 20 Features
(Image Credit: Milestone srl)


You can use the following editors according to your choice from a list:
  • Helmet
  • Sticker
  • Name on the outfit
  • Racing no.
  • Pick the top combination of sponsor, materials & colors for your motorcycles, & gain victory

Historic Riders:

Face riders like Wayne Rainey, Mick Doohan, Dani Pedrosa & Casey Stoner. Race with 46 iconic riders & 43 unique motorcycles.

Dedicated Servers:

On dedicated servers, you can invite your competitors online in various modes:

Public Lobby: Make a lobby by taking into account no. of laps, weather parameters, sessions, or pick the best lobby from the list.

Private Lobby: Make a customized event & invite your buddies for a challenge

Race Director (Pro Lobby): Choose the starting grid, & make the race.

Advanced Artificial Intelligent:

Race against speedier, intelligent and precise riders with an advanced artificial intelligence like human.

MotoGP 21 features a diversified multiplayer mode. The game supports features including cross save, cross play & cross platform. You can enjoy this game with mates locally on same device via split-screen, or play it with the people of the world via online (internet) multiplayer mode. There is also an option for co-operatively play.

MotoGP Key Features:

  • Developer: Milestone srl
  • Publisher: Milestone srl
  • Series: MotoGP
  • Platforms: Google Stadia, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One & PC Windows

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