An Interview with a talented voice actor & game developer, KillinCat:

Since January 2020, we are interviewing talented and aspiring streamers and game developers / publishers. Recently, we approached KillinCat, a worthy voice actor, and game developer. He obliged us by sharing his success story.

The interview session follows as:



Q1. What inspired you to start voice acting?

A. For Decision, actually, but it's something I do enjoy, and probably will do more of in the future. I was contacted by one of the two developers for recording a small amount footage for my channel, and viewed it as a good chance to jump in. I wanted to help, and I wanted to get started on something. At that time, the game was just titled Red Daze, and I was ecstatic for the chance. I found myself creating way too many lines and often taking a loose interpretation of the guidelines that I was sent by the person I offered my voice to.


Q2. What do you like the most while doing voice overs of video games?

A. Experimenting with inflections and tones. In Decision, my biggest joy was trying to make a creepy zombie sound. It startled me in-game, as I had forgotten it was me.

Working with EnvisionItStudios was a fun introduction as well. He's the voice of Frank, the mentor character in Decision 4: Red Daze, and I think his lines and delivery are fantastic. He wants to go back and improve them, and I honestly don't know how he could! When I first heard them, I felt a personal palpable excitement to be a part of the project.


Q3. Which challenges do you encounter during voicing the characters of games and which strategies help you overcome them?

A. Coming up with creative lines to say. See, in Decision I voice a bunch of different lines in the game, no main characters, but you can hear me in the background, usually when combat starts or when you get near an enemy. I wasn't actually given much direction other than to provide sound effects for taking damage, characters falling, things like that. I did have a lot of fun doing it, though.


Q4. Tell us about your recording sessions?

A. My wife works second shift, so we get up at 11 AM or 12 PM, I do dishes, laundry, take my wife to work, and then work begins. I am usually excited for a recording session, if a little bit nervous. I took such a long time to work on my lines for the game, Decision, that I ended up almost waiting too long for submitting my lines. In this case, my passion lead to nervousness!

Decision 4: Red Daze
Decision 4: Red Daze

Q5. Which problems you face while developing Decision 4: Red Daze?

A. One of the biggest issues with developing an Indie game independently is funding and morale, of course. Myself, EnvisionItStudios, and other talented individuals jumped on to help the previously only two brother team, and helped create the English localization.

EnvisionItStudios spends his spare time from English localization working on possible expansions for the game! We already have a spot in mind for the future expansion, but first the game needs to come out, and the original brothers working on the game need to okay the expansion. We also have a few voice actors lined up already. Most importantly, we're all very excited for Decision 4! It's something we, as a team, feel passionate about, and I feel that's what helps push the game forward.


Q6. Please tell us about the part of the game development that you specially enjoy?

A. It's hard to say for me. I had given up on working on games for some time, as it seemed just unachievable. But the two brothers on the team were glad to have me. Envision was already part of the Development team, then I pulled the other three in for their talents. I focused too hard on what I was bad at and forgot there are other places I can be of use. I enjoy the whole experience. It's a wonderful revelation, and I get to work on a game series that I spent playing in Middle School. It's all fun to me!


Q7. Which game of your is the big success?

A. All our players returned, along with new people, for Decision 3. This is a rough decision to make, though, as the Decision series of games have all been played roughly equally. If fans came into the third game, they just had to play the first, second and Decision: Medieval as well. Because of this, Decision 3 would have to be our most successful.

My personal favorite to play was Decision: Medieval.


Q8. What are your future plans?

A. For now, Decision 4: Red Daze isn't yet complete, and I will continue to assist the team as best I can on future content. I hope to continue to assist FlyAnvil in their endeavors for as long as I can do so. Everyone on the team is talented, and we have a good atmosphere as we work on the game and dialogues.

As for the brothers, I imagine they're already thinking up ways to improve Decision 4: Red Daze, and I look forward to assisting them on further projects.

Thank you, KillinCat for covering the interview. We wish you greater achievements in future.

Decision 4: Red Daze

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  1. Thank you for the interview! It is really important to have such a great desire to make games or any other business as you have! Let the game be super successful! :)

    1. Well thanks a lot for a positive feedback. I wish you best of luck.


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