Comparison of Dark Envoy vs Divinity, XCOM & Dragon Age:

Dark Envoy is very similar to Divinity & it is a CRPG which lets you protect or destroy the planet & obtain an airship. It is a non-linear role playing game like Divinity Series, Dragon Age & XCOM. The game seems to offer team based tactical battle, a party system which has been styled like CRPG, & features dark, gritty visual.

You can discover the planet of the game using your air ship. Give attention to deciding your destination, as the world of the game alters as time elapses which respawns various sites in further daring forms once you have completed it.

Game world is responsive towards your choices. It is your decision to protect it or doom it, & you can see different endings that reflect the personality of your hero. Your character can choose to be a good or bad boy.

Dark Envoy offers single player or you can play it as 2 player co-operative. Also you can enjoy player vs world mode of the game, in this mode player 2 is the final boss, & he wants to beat player 1 before he gets stronger too.  

Comparison of Dark Envoy vs Divinity
Comparison of Dark Envoy vs Divinity
Image Credit: Event Horizon |  Larian Studios

There are 15 classes of character, a fresh role playing game system, & the game offers lots of replay ability due to the large number of missions & world events.

Dark Envoy focuses on tactical battle, & the game features open world exploration & story. You can explore procedurally generated dungeons with the choice to decide tactical goals. Not just dungeons of the game alter, also places on the world map respawn randomly, offering more challenges as player travel on them.

The in-game decisions will have an effect on the world around players, & the game features multiple endings.

Dark Enjoy is inspired from Divinity, XCOM, FTL, Mass Effect & Dragon Age.

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