Void Terrarium Cross Save, Cross Platform Play & Multiplayer Co-op:

Protect the final human from the hazards of the dangerous planet.

The planet of Void Terrarium is filled with dangerous fungi & humanity has ended but just a girl is alive. A discarded android rises in a scrapyard. He discovers the remnants & finds a girl sleeping in a bed of fungus.

Void Terrarium is a simulation game.


Void Terrarium Story:

The planet of this game is filled with dangerous fungi. A discarded android discovers a lonely girl in a scrapyard. For her safety, the android along with decommissioned artificial intelligence need to make a paradise for her inside a terrarium.

The girl is infected by fungi. The android wants to protect her & find a way to safely recover her from her sickness. It is difficult to do it because the whole world is toxic. The only way to save the girl is to make a paradise where she can survive.



Discover the remnants of the lost world & gather stuff to help the girl.

It is the job of players to make a safe paradise for her where she can survive.

Void Terrarium Cross Platform Play
Void Terrarium Cross Platform Play
Image Credit: NIS

Void Terrarium Cross Save:

Cross Save allows users to save game progress on one platform & resume the game on another platform.

Void Terrarium does not offer Cross Save between different platforms.


Void Terrarium Cross Platform Play:

Cross Play allows players of different platforms to play together.

Void Terrarium does not offer a multiplayer mode. Hence Cross Platform Play is not available in Void Terrarium.

Void Terrarium Multiplayer Co-op
Void Terrarium Multiplayer Co-op
Image Credit: NIS

Void Terrarium Multiplayer Co-op:

Multiple players can complete the story campaign together if the game offers co-op.

Void Terrarium only offers a one player story campaign so co-op is not available.


Void Terrarium Release Date:

Void Terrarium releases on PS5 on 18 May, 2021. This game is also available on PS4 & Nintendo Switch.

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