10 hilarious rules for successful business:

Population of the world is increasing quickly. Many new businesses have been launched in the past decade. Companies compete with others to get the higher ranking, & they use different strategies to sink their opponents.

It seems difficult to promote a new company because business market is highly saturated. If you want to set up a successful business company then follow my 10 funny rules:

Criticize rival's goods & promote yours
Criticize your rival's product & promote yours

1. Criticize your competitor’s products & promote yours.

2. Use your competitor’s strategies. For example: if your competitor uses discounts on their products, then use discounts on your products too to keep customers.

Competitor's Product vs Your Product Price

3. Keep your product prices slightly lower than your competitor's products to get their customers.

4. If other companies are offering bonuses on their products then use the same tactic. For example: If your competitor is attracting customers by selling their old products with a bonus like Buy 1 Get 1 Free, then don’t hesitate in copying their tactic to keep customers.

Logos of 2 famous companies look similar
Logos of 2 famous companies look very similar

5. Choose a slightly different company name from a popular company. Select logos like a famous company. Select your product names similar to popular products. By using these tactics, you can attract customers.

6. Try to beat your competitors with product advertisements.

Cloned iPhone vs Real iPhone
Cloned iPhone vs Real iPhone
Image Credit: imeicheck.co

7. Develop a cheap replica of a popular product.

8. Use a popular video game idea in your own game.

Your top competitor's website vs your website
Your top competitor's website vs your website

9. If you want to impress others, then set up your website similar to your top competitor’s website, choose a similar theme for your website & use similar content.

10. Write your policies like successful companies.

If you know any other rule then please let us know in the comment section below. Please provide your feedback & let us know if you have enjoyed this article.


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