Comparison: Similarities & differences of Galactic Crew II vs Galactic Crew:

A roguelike sci-fi galactic discovery game that features procedurally generated universes containing cruel convicts, space pirates, creatures, mineworkers & traders. 

Galactic Crew 2 allows you to discover a dangerous space with your courageous fellows. It allows you to start as an unknown & ultimately become a popular space explorer using settlement, trade & battle. You will start with no wealth or crew members, & you must collect goods, mine for resources, make your spacecraft, & acquire crews to explore the difficulties of the galaxy. If you make incorrect choices in the game then it could be the reason behind the death of you & your fellows. It is time to take risks if you want to collect the riches of space & to make a name for yourself.


Discover the Space:

Every new world can be explored. You can form settlements, search for resources, collect plunders from dungeons, modify your spacecraft, & complete quests.

Galactic Crew II allows you to establish settlements on the worlds & you can build completely customizable bases.

Comparison of Galactic Crew II vs Galactic Crew
Comparison of Galactic Crew II vs Galactic Crew
Image Credit: Benjamin Rommel Games

Complete Customization of Games:

Starting a fresh game lets you completely customize your game. You are allowed to use any combination of game-changing cards to make a completely customized game. You can merge different narratives to make a unique story campaign. Change the strengths & weaknesses of characters. Create rewarding game quests & include fresh content. Just some cards can be unlocked at the start while the majority of the cards can be unlocked via achievements during gameplay. Merging cards can help you in getting a truly unique experience that will let you enjoy a different gameplay than before which encourages you to play this game as many times as you want.


Customization of Spacecraft:

All spacecraft that you buy offer a unique design. Spacecrafts can be customized at the space station, such as you can swap ship rooms & alter its functions. Every feature of the ship can be customized such as rooms for crew members, engine, & power generators. Also, there are options to modify battle features of your ship such as swapping turrets & including shield generators.

Galactic Crew 2 Trailer:

Watch Galactic Crew 2 official trailer:

Galactic Crew II Trailer

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