Does Shadowverse Champion’s Battle Support Couch / Online Co-op, and VS (PVP) Multiplayer?

Make a squad with heroes from the popular Shadowverse anime in an exciting card fighting game. Compete your enemies in the narrative mode of this game or invite your buddies to play against you in local or online multiplayer mode.

Shadowverse Champions’s Battle is a card fighting game originally launched on smartphones & PC. Now it has hit the Nintendo Switch.




Local Co-op


Online Co-op


Local VS / PVP Multiplayer


Online VS / PVP Multiplayer



Shadowverse Champion’s Battle Couch Co-op:

If I need help during a story campaign, then I invite my family members or pals to join me in gameplay.

Sadly, Shadowverse Champion’s Battle does not offer couch co-op.


Shadowverse Champion’s Battle Online Co-op:

If I don’t want to share my screen with others, then I invite internet buddies to join me in gameplay & help me during missions.

Alas, Shadowverse Champion’s Battle has no support for online co-op.

Shadowverse Champion’s Battle Co-op VS PVP Multiplayer
Image Credit: Marvelous (XSEED)

Shadowverse Champion’s Battle Couch VS Multiplayer:

If I am bored while fighting against AI, then I invite my family members to play against me.

Fortunately, couch VS multiplayer is supported by Shadowverse Champion’s Battle.


Shadowverse Champion’s Battle Online VS Multiplayer:

If I am interested in playing against buddies living in any part of the world, then I invite them to join me via the internet.

Happily, Shadowverse Champion’s Battle offers online VS multiplayer.


Shadowverse Champion’s Battle Gameplay:

Gamers can master this game through a rich narrative mode, & there is enough help available if they get stuck in the game. Those who have not played any card game before can quickly learn the rules.

Gamers can confront both in-game characters & friends in card fights. Those who are familiar with the rules of the original Shadowverse will have no problem in learning the rules of Shadowverse Champion’s Battle because both games have the same rules, but beginners can also play the game with ease as this game offers an easy action for novices too. Cards are taken from the original Shadowverse but new cards are also available, which lets gamers make tactics exactly like the original.

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