Differences between The King of Fighters 15 VS The King of Fighters 14:

The King of Fighters 15, also called KOF 15, is a fighting video game created by SNK in The King of Fighters Series. It launches on PC, PS4, PS5, & Xbox Series X/S. KOF 15 is set after the events of KOF 14, the story of KOF XV is focused on 2 heroes with supernatural skills, Shun'ei & Isla, & heroes from earlier KOF games are also available. KOF 15 is created by SNK, & distributed by SNK in Japan, & around the globe by Koch Media. It offers both single-player & multiplayer modes.

Differences in The King of Fighters KOF XV vs KOF XIV
Differences between The King of Fighters KOF XV vs KOF XIV
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Differences between KOF XV vs KOF XIV Gameplay:

Similar to previous games in the series, KOF XV focuses on a fighting system that includes squads of 3 heroes. The parry system called Shatter Strike is back. This game also includes the MAX Mode system where heroes use powerful attacks once their energy meters reach maximum.

The "Rush" button present in both The King of Fighters XV & The King of Fighters XIV helps new players execute combos & special moves easily. Shatter Strike was originally built for defense but can also be used for offensive when players make use of guard points. In The King of Fighters 14, combos from fast activation were the core way max mode was used so the gauge depletion was enhanced from one to two to stop users from being overwhelmed. Neutral state in The King of Fighters 14 was not observed often so in The King of Fighters 15 attack power & guard crush is enhanced when neutral is triggered.



The King of Fighters XV narrative is focused on how Verse, the monster from The King of Fighters XIV, has spread disorder & a girl referred as Chizuru Kagura collects the heroes Kyo Kusanagi & Iori Yagami to care for the seal of the antagonist Orochi.



KOF XV has forty playable fighters (thirteen squads of thirty-nine heroes, & one boss), with four additional squads of twelve fighters planned to be added in post launch DLCs.


What’s New in The King of Fighters XV:

There are several notable improvements in KOF XV compared to KOF XIV. Multiple new characters are available but the main improvement is visible in the video game graphics. KOF XV has made use of Unreal Engine 4 & GGPO rollback networking. The good news is that KOF XV releases on newer platforms for powering up overall KOF XV performance.

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