Differences between F1 22 VS F1 21 (F1 2022 VS F1 2021):

The redesigned handling is much improved compared to the previous game, as well as the immersive broadcast system will assist players deeper into the action that features F2, improved practice, F1 Sprint, new formation laps, & Safety Car periods.

Check out all new gameplay features of F1 22 in trailer below:

F1 22 All New Gameplay Features Trailer

Adaptive artificial intelligence will put players in contests against opponents that have the same level of expertise. Previous Circuits are improved, & a new track is available. The fan favorite multiplayer modes return, & now players can enjoy the Split Screen Co-op & Multiplayer.

If you are not involved in a race, then you can become social with the new feature: F1 Life that consists of supercars & customization. My Team is back, & it has been enhanced.

The focus of Formula One series is to race in vehicles from the 2022 Formula One season on the popular tracks, & a new addition to the franchise is Miami International Autodrome. F1 22 is more authentic than the previous games of the series such as formation laps, safety car passes as well as interactive pit stops feel very authentic. The players can access F2 class rating that offers a choice for short, medium or long seasons.

Cross Play will be added to F1 22 in a post launch update.

Comparison of F1 22 VS F1 21:

The main differences between F1 22 VS F1 2021 include:

Alteration in rules, Miami International Autodrome, & new vehicles are the reason behind the new era of racing that has become tight & unpredictable. Due to the modifications, F1 22 has significantly altered the car physics.

F1 Sprint mode is included in F1 22 that lets players try a contest that first appeared in Formula One 2021. F1 Life is a new aspect, which is a type of community space where players display their supercars, costumes, & other gadgets to the community.

New interactive pit stops & formation laps are available in F1 2022 that offer danger to the races.

The redesigned Practice allows players to understand circuits via an improved on-track graphics.

Watch F1 Life, VR Compatibility, Interactive Pitstops, and other new aspects of F1 22 in a video below:

F1 22 Life, VR, Interactive Pitstops, and other New Aspects

F1 22 introduces Cross Play:

F1 22 supports both solo & multiplayer modes. Multiplayer modes allow users to play against other users through the internet or against a solo buddy via Local Split Screen Multiplayer.

Cross Play or Cross Platform Multiplayer is introduced in F1 22. Players of Xbox, PC, & PlayStation can play with each other.


My Team mode has been tailored:

Just like earlier games in the franchise, players can advance through the campaign to the final victory in the season. Players can again become the leader of the team in My Team mode. My Team lets you hire beginners with a low budget, & players have to improve their driving skills with careful management. Players need to compete against ten specialist teams, & twenty professional drivers.


Adaptive AI lowers the difficulty level:

F1 2022 has a more authentic driving model than F1 2021. Adaptive AI will put users in competition against others who have the same level of expertise.


F1 Sprint Races is a debut feature:

F1 Sprint was added to the official Formula One Sport in 2021. F1 Sprint is now introduced in the game. This race lets you run over 100 km in 17 laps, & takes up to 30 minutes in completion. The race is remodelled to offer a short & face paced racing display.

Check out the Sprint Race of F1 22 in a walkthrough below:

F1 22 Sprint Race

New Broadcast feature is very immersive:

Camera broadcast will let you truly enjoy the new exciting features such as formation laps, interactive pit stops, safety car periods, & new Sprint Races with the new camera angles as if you see the actual TV broadcast of Formula One Sport.

New Circuit “Miami”:

Previous circuits have been altered as well as there is a new circuit “Miami International Autodrome”. Check out the New Miami location in a trailer below:

F1 22 Miami Trailer

F1 Life offers a new showroom:

F1 Life is a new space where players can unlock & display their supercars, outfits, & other stuff to the community.

Check out Supercars & Customization in video below:

F1 22 Supercars & Customization

Players can improve their character personalization by adding amazing & aspiring collections through contests, & shops. When players begin the game, they will begin right from their hub that is a Multiplayer lobby, where they can watch their buddies’ avatars & items. Players can show their supercars to their friends as well as they can drive them.

Podium Pass made its debut in F1 2020, which offers loot & unlockable cosmetics to the players across multiple modes. Users can purchase them in every season via Pitcoin that they need to buy, & they can sometimes get it through one of the Podium pass’ tiers.


Cars in F1 22 have been redesigned:

The vehicles of Formula One 2022 have been modified as well as players have to follow new regulations, & the cars in the game are redesigned for that. The shape of the vehicles have been tailored such as the shape of the rear wings, back canopies, & wheel guards have been redesigned. The new aerodynamic modifications will make sure that the races are tighter & players get enhanced overtaking chances. In addition, according to the developers, the new game will offer a new handling model that remodels the intense wheel-to-wheel racing that will put players on the edge of their seat.

F1 22 vehicles have been redesigned for quick, close & stunning performance on the tracks, with radical new designs & 18-inch low profile wheels. To accommodate for the modifications, the game offers new physics, handling, & wheel models.

PC VR Compatibility:

Support for VR headsets is available for the first time in F1 22. Only PC VR headsets are supported. This feature is not available for PlayStation VR.

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