Differences between NHL 24 VS NHL 23 in Graphics & Gameplay:

EA does not have much time left to produce a fan favourite NHL game.

Avalanche defenseman Cale Makar is featured on the cover star of NHL 24.

NHL 24 VS NHL 23 Graphics Comparison

Graphically NHL 24 is enhanced from the earlier instalments with overhauled physics, animation based responses, & upgraded resolutions.


Why had fans criticized NHL 23 & how to save the future of the NHL series?

Fans on social media criticized NHL 23. Fans disliked NHL 23 for its clunky animations, X Factors that were nearly unstoppable, & the goals were unrealistic such as they involved even more bounces than a basketball game.

Will Electronic Arts bounce back in their upcoming NHL? EA needs to make a game that is well received by NHL fans, & win back the hearts of the NHL community.

Rahil asked the NHL community what they think is the most crucial feature NHL needs to upgrade to save the future of the series. We have added the tweet & some of the best answers below:


Improved Gameplay:

Rahil’s tweet received a reply from Sapsterr_ who is a competitive NHL player & he was featured in the best eight finalists at the 2022 NHL GWC held in Montreal. His opinion is straightforward; NHL 24 needs better gameplay.


Edwards’ response is clear & nearly every NHL fan will agree with him. This year’s NHL game featured confusing & head scratching gameplay. When you watch athletes participating in the NHL World Championship making 8 goals & still losing? Something is wrong, & it likely is not pro players unexpectedly forgetting how to play defence.


Real Cross Play:

Jordan thinks that a complete Cross Platform Multiplayer / Cross Gen Multiplayer is what NHL 24 should bring on instead of adding four versions of the game. Cross Platform Multiplayer was added to the NHL 23 that involved players on the same gen playing with each other like PS5 & Xbox Series X/S.

While a step in the correct direction, the game featured some big limits. Particularly in the EASHL mode, users were able to make a squad with their friends on their console; however, like in other games from Electronic Arts such as Apex Legends, users can make a squad with their friends from any platform. If NHL 24 offers a real Cross Play, which is enhanced from NHL 23, then it will please the community.


Remake / Remastered version of NHL 14:

Aaron Fesh wants to play NHL 14 again. NHL 14 was one of the top NHL games, & fans would love to play a remastered / remake of NHL 14.

NHL 14 featured GM Connected, Be A Pro, EASHL, & multiple HUT game modes. It did not have a single wonderful game mode but many excellent modes, which is why it was one of the fan favourite games of the series. NHL 14 offered something for everybody.


New Gameplay Features of NHL 24:

The New Exhaust Engine & Physics based Contact game offers the power & excitement of NHL.

Players will enjoy a full overhaul of gameplay with an all-new Exhaust Engine that adds a sustained pressure system & goalie fatigue systems.

When players trigger the Sustained Pressure system, a graphical meter will show that complete pressure is activate. This attribute will assist the adrenaline effect for the squad on offense & the difficult pinned effect for the squad on defence.

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